Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shame in the Icelandic Horse Show Ring

A blog entitled "Shame in the Show Ring" has featured Icelandic Horses:


Please be sure to read the article, and feel free to comment on it.

We want the best for our Icelandic Horses, and want to see natural horsemanship and natural gaits!


Anonymous said...

Thats really cool

Anonymous said...

hi that is really cool

Thylja said...

sorry, but besides many things pointed out in this article are right and absolutely irritating and worth pointing out and being upset about. but the right things being said pretty much fall behind all the bogus and ranting and lack of knowledge that is in that article. it takes a lot of credibility from it and in more than one aspect are downright ridiculous. seriously the author should at least bother to find out about a few things... like the icelandic bit for example... or riding on ice. the latter for example, yes it is dangerous, but with the right equiment and preparation, a well trained horse with well trained muscles, which reacts easily, correctly and calmly to the rider, running on ice is great for training. the way it is a hard and even surface and swings at the same time is absolutely great for the horse, both the joints, the muscles and the back. many riders talk about their horses starting to dance when they walk on ice.
now most horses shown in the article do not match that criteria but the way the author's point of view is conveyed is ignorant and plain stupid. pity, especially since there are a lot of things right and should be taken to the public and people's attention more!