Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balanced Saddle Versus Chair Seat Saddle

Here are two Icelandic Horses with different style saddles.

The first is a treed icelandic-style saddle. The lowest part of the seat is further back, putting the rider in a chair seat, which places most of the weight behind the action of the horse (center of mass), and on the weakest part of the horse's back.

This is a treeless western-style Sensation saddle. The rider will be aligned more with the horse's COM (center of mass). Even though the saddle ends past the last rib, since it's treeless, it's not a problem (there won't be anything digging into the loins), and the center of saddle (the low point) appears to be well forward.

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Anonymous said...

You might consider the concussion on the spinal processes riding in a treeless saddle

Anonymous said...

consider the concussion to the spinal processes from riding treeless