Friday, November 7, 2008

Gait Chart

This chart shows the intermediate gaits between trot and pace. These are gaits exhibited by gaited horses.

Each breed has a signature gait, but not every individual within the breed will do the signature gait. The gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse is the running walk, but some Tennessee Walkers may prefer to fox trot or saddle rack or do a stepping pace.

Missouri Fox Trotters' main gait is the fox trot; but individuals may prefer a running walk, rack, or pace.

Same with Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Icelandic Horses, etc.

Icelandic Horses may be single gaited (pace, pace, and pace), or three gaited (walk, trot, canter; or walk, gait, canter; etc.) or may be multi-gaited. Not all Icelandic Horses tolt; not all Icelandic Horses trot; not all Icelandic Horses canter; some may fox trot, some may saddle rack, some may run walk.

We prefer not to use the terms "four-gaited" or "five-gaited" with Icelandic Horses as some of the gaits may not be natural, and the terms may be misleading.

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