Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Icelandic Horse Crooked Legs

What do you see in this picture?

First the Icelandic Horses are supposed to be turning to the left, but their bodies are not bent in that direction, but more in a counter direction. There is a lot of blockage in their necks, and problems with fighting the bit. Note the mouths, and odd angles of the heads.

Unfortunately, this type of riding has been accepted as *norm* and no one apparently questions what problems the horses are having.

The image also shows the problems with the crooked legs in the breed. Both horses are on their right laterals, and you can see the winging of the front left leg (airborn) in both horses.

Also notable is the rear left airborn leg on the darker horse; odd angle; compare it to the rear airborn leg of the other horse.

It is a shame that this type of riding is acceptable; and not only acceptable, but rewarded! AND taught at the riding school!

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