Monday, November 2, 2009

Icelandic Horses Looking for Homes

Information from the owner about the two geldings, Trausti (chestnut) and Dreki (palomino), located in northern Colorado:

Trausti -626-:

Gelding, born April 10, 1992.
Sorrel chestnut. No white markings.
Out of Logi fra Icelandic Horse Farm -309- and Loa -312-
Has Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation papers.

4-gaited though very rusty in tolt.

He is very smart. Likes to think of ways to get food and not do much work for it. Unafraid of almost anything. Good on trails. Loves people and is quite the socialite. He ties, trailers, and is wonderful as long as he has a firm hand that demands respect from him.

He has been deemed "sound" by my veterinarian. However, he foundered in May of 2001. He was grass hay fed on dry-lot when it happened, and my vet could not find any reason why he should have foundered, but he did. So, although he is "sound," my vet cautioned that we should be careful not to "over do it" with him. It took about 4 years to get him back to trail worthy condition again.

He has been somewhat heavy on the forehand since the founder. This is partially why his tolt is rusty. We haven't really asked him to.

Dreki fra Lone Rock US94100566:

Gelding born June 12, 1994.
About 13h
Out of Logi fra Icelandic Horse Farm M8400326 and Sunna fra Fitjamyri
I have his US United Icelandic Horse Congress Certificate of Registration.

5-gaited with tendency towards pace.

Dreki was very frightened when we got him. We made some progress and he halters nicely where as when we got him he would run away. He was terribly head shy when we got him, but now he comes to me for scratching. And, that is about as far as we have gotten with him.

He likes to be groomed, but is still very cautions even after all these years.

About 1.5 years after we got him, my husband sustained a devastating spinal injury. It took 4.5 years before I was able to turn my attention back to Dreki. I tried working with him, but each day was as though we were starting from the beginning again.

I contacted a trainer and he was in training for about 6 weeks with the assurances that he would be a wonderful riding horse when we got him back "no problem." Well... Dreki came back and was in some ways a little better and in some ways a little worse. The trainer told me that he would need at least 3 more months to be able to get anywhere with him, because it was "like starting over with him every day!" I didn't have the funds for it, so we did what we could here at home.

One day, I got an offer from a woman who has "rescued" a "problem icey" with a reputation for being "dangerous." She has done an amazing job with this little horse and is even able to give local kids pony rides on him. She has also had good success with mustangs, and she offered to take Dreki and train him. I told her to take him for as long as she wanted and train him. She called me 3 weeks later and said he had to be returned because "he would not progress". He would be longing nicely one day, and the next he would be in a complete panic at the sight of the longe line. She did not feel that she would be able to get anywhere with him. So, he came back and we have worked with him as best we could, but never really gotten past his seemingly
illogical "panic" outbursts.

That said, he has never tried to deliberately hurt anyone. He is a sweet guy who really needs someone who understands how he thinks and who can help him through whatever it is he fears.

Please email me at iceryder at for owner's contact information.