Monday, June 8, 2009

Is Fighting the Bit Required for Tolt?

Is fighting the bit required to get an Icelandic Horse to tolt? For years we've seen the Icelandic Horses fighting the bit. Some people would say that the horses were tossing their heads because of the excitement in the competitions. But we see the same thing when a rider is alone with a horse.

Is the jointed snaffle causing the horse problems with his mouth? Is the heavy contact causing the problems? Or a combination of both?

Why does the horse have to be held so tightly with a bit that bothers him, to get him to tolt?


OldMorgans said...

IceRyder--It is great to see that you continue to fight for good horsemanship for the Icelandics!
I met you back in the days before blogs & visited you in AZ back in '99. I still have some of my Morgans and now also have a TWH.
I just found your blog and have bookmarked it. I like the Parelli Level 3 video you put up and will visit some of the back posts as I have the time.
Thanks for the good work.

IceRyder said...

Hi Laura! I still have your pictures from that day:

We're back in So CA. I should visit your bookstore some time!

Anonymous said...

No, it isn't. There are WAY too many abusers and not enough decent Icelandic show riders.