Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Icelandic Horse Rollkur

My gosh... what ARE they thinking?!?!?!

Why should an adult male *NEED* to put a huge piece of metal in his pony's mouth, and then strap the metal down as tight as possible with a huge, severe noseband, and then put all his muscle on the reins?!?!?

Why should any Icelandic Horse have to endure this practice?

I thought people loved the Icelandic Horse? I thought people respected the Icelandic Horse?

Is this love? Is this respect?

Who is teaching these people to ride? to train????

Why is there a need to put the horse into a master / slave position? complete domination?

Why does FEIF allow this horrific type of riding and training? Why do they endorse it?

Why does the USIHC support FEIF, in all ways, including financial?

This means YOUR money is going to pay for competitions and evaluations that use this type of riding / training practice on the Icelandic Horse.

The Icelandic Horse is known by different names, such as: hest, hestur, hestar, cheval islandais, icelandic horse, island hast, islandske hest, island pferde, islenskir hestar, ijslands paard, islanninhevonen, islenskihesturinn, islandisches pferd, islandpony, icelandic pony.

Please help to free the Icelandic Horse from poor riding and training methods!