Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yank, Yank, Yank

Is this horse fighting the bit?

Is the rider yank, yank, yanking on the reins?

If so, why?

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Kathy Sierra said...

This is nothing like the previous video (where the horses were performing a demonstration, together).

While this horse *does* look as though he prefers going faster, even to my inexperienced eye he also seems pretty unhappy with the tight frame in the slower tolt.

This amount of head tossing (to me) goes way past a "debate" and into "this is too much".

I think it is a huge mistake when we don't make distinctions -- when ALL head tossing is painted with the same broad brush. I'd think that even the least experienced horse person could appreciate the difference between a group of excited, experienced horses showing off / competing with one another vs. a possibly green horse being worked alone.

If you are going to use your own experience with your horses as an example of horses that don't need bits for control and don't toss their heads, you need to include apples-to-apples comparisons: produce more videos showing your horse following a group of others going *fast*. The only way I know to keep horses from getting excited -- ever -- is to keep them from adrenalin-charged experiences with other horses, and--as I was much criticized for doing--"taking the forward out of their brain".

I was quite proud that eventually I could ride Draumur ANYWHERE in a halter--even on the beach with other horses running--but the cost to him was extreme. I'm now trying to undo the loss of spirit I -- with the most loving intention -- inadvertently caused.

Somewhere there is a healthy, happy medium. I don't know where it is, but I've seen that the extremes are bad for the horse on BOTH ends.