Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bridleless in Gait

This is a Rocky Mountain Horse stallion in gait, bridleless; no yanking or cranking; turning without pulling on the mouth.


Dianne said...

Yeah, Rockies! Congratulations to the owner of that wonderful stallion. Also, I admire her riding/communication skills! I have two Rocky mares (chocolate/flax manes & tails) & while I have never ridden them bridleless, both will gait without a bit.

The offspring of two registered and certified to breed Rocky Mtn. horses can be registered as a Rocky Mtn. Horse - pending certification. However, it cannot be CERTIFIED TO BREED until it is gaiting under saddle. Each registered horse must pass certification by three examiners before the gold CERTIFIED TO BREED seal is added to the horse's registration papers. In this way the RMHA is attempting to regulate breeding to insure that the natural gaiting ability is passed on genetically and not merely through training.

Anonymous said...

I'm training my icey to do this C: