Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mechanical Aids

Not all Icelandic Horses tolt (which is a one-foot / two-foot support, even four-beat, lateral gait, of speed, where the horse is ventroflexed, and downhill).

Icelandic Horses can offer several different easy gaits at liberty, such as the fox trot, running walk, stepping pace, etc., as well as the saddle rack; or may not offer any easy gait at liberty.

Tolt can be manufactured by mechanical means, some of which include:

[] Saddles, the tight narrow icelandic saddles, possibly with extended bars, brida-style.

[] Bits, snaffles, icelandic, pessoas, anything that doesn't fit the horse and makes him high-headed or tense.

[] Tight nosebands

[] Severe bits combined with severe nosebands

[] Icelandic shoes, or heavier than normal shoes, or unequally weighted shoes

[] Boots; double pairs of boots

[] Straps on the hoof

[] Whips

[] Heavy contact, leaning on the horse's mouth, obvious muscular strength pulling on reins

[] Sitting on the back of the saddle

[] Extreme ventroflexion

[] Extreme high-headedness

[] Ewe Necks

[] Long toes; contracted heels

[] Concussive practices

Some of these things are used in, or in training preparation for evaluations and competitions.

Gaits made by mechanical means invalidates the potential value of evaluation breeding scores.

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