Monday, December 22, 2008

Natural Gait or Not

If the Icelandic Horse has to be pulled, with heavy contact that stretches his lips to absolute intolerance, trying to get away from the pain by opening his mouth; and being forced into an unnatural inverted, ventroflexed frame, is the gait of "tolt" natural to him?

The use of increasingly severe bits, as well as severe tight nosebands, is shocking.

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Thylja said...

If you look at how many foals show tolt on the pastures, there can be no doubt that it is indeed a natural gait for the horse. It's the rider that often throws the horse out of balance and instead of teaching the horse how to regain its balance with the rider on its back, the horse is being pulled into an unnatural moving scheme against all biomechanics.

IceRyder said...

Foals, sometimes gaited breeds or non-gaited breeds, will show a lateral gait at liberty due to their immature musculature system.

More here:

But I hear what you are saying about the rider putting the horse out of balance. Why do they do that, and not concentrate and put their focus on getting "in balance with" the horse.

Why do you think the riders pull the horses into such unnatural frames?