Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barefoot Icelandic Horses

In North America, we tend to like to have our Icelandic Horses barefoot, it at all possible. Barefoot allows the horse's hoof to spread and contract as necessary. It may not be possible to have barefoot horses in Iceland, but it is possible in North America. It all depends on your terrain and how much you ride. If the horse has genetically good feet, it may not be a problem to be barefoot, and may actually be healthier for him!

The natural barefoot trims work really well for Icelandic Horses.

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Anonymous said...

My horses are not Icelandics, but are barefoot and are ridden regularly on roads with no problems. Why do people say an Icelandic horse must be shod to perform the tolt properly? Surely if it's a natural gait for this horse it should be fine barefoot. I ask this, as I am considering buying an Icelandic horse but want it to be comfortable in tolt.