Sunday, March 1, 2009

Icelandic Horse Bitless Riding

Sometimes snaffles are too pointed for the interior of the mouth of the Icelandic Horse. It may be due to a low palate, or a smaller area that does not leave room for a bit comfortably.

Try bitless riding, either with a sidepull, rope halter, jaquima, or lindell.

Here are some pictures: Icelandic Horse Sidepulls

Susan, of SaddleUp Tack, also has some sidepulls for Icelandic Horses:

SaddleUp Tack Sidepull, special sizes for Icelandic Horses

We have just started a sidepull picture "contest". Susan is sending one of her new sidepulls out to one of our IceHorses listees, and that person will send it on to the next person in line who wants to try it, and the sidepull will continue on it's path.

The people who are trying the sidepull are taking pictures, sending them to the IceHorses list, to see who's horse looks better in the sidepull :-).

It's a fun thing to do!

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