Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Join us in the First Annual Natural Icelandic Horse Worldwide Virtual Show!

This will be an on-line video show to share our horses, natural horsemanship, and natural gaits with each other, and the rest of the world!

Many people around the world are interested in natural horsemanship and natural gaits with their Icelandic Horses. Since we are all geographically spread out, this virtual on-line natural video show helps us share what we are doing with like-minded owners. We are able to share with everyone how responsive, intelligent, willing, and attentive, and cooperative our horses are. Also, it may help inspire others who may be interested in a natural way with their Icelandic Horses.

There are no specific classes or rules; good / natural horsemanship and natural gaits are the goal. The virtual show gives owners and horses a chance to show others their two-way communication, good partnerships, not dependant upon tack.

Have someone take a video of you working / playing with your horse (or set the camera on the fence and turn it on!). Capture some of your natural horsemanship and natural gaits to share with other Icelandic Horse owners around the world.

Some of the things you can show are Parelli 7 Games http://iceryder.net/7games.html, any type of natural horsemanship groundwork, such as John Lyons, Bill Dorrance (True Horsemanship Through Feel) http://iceryder.net/future.html, Clinton Anderson; working therapy horse session, horse quietly standing for mounting, bareback, gaiting on a loose rein, trail rides, flexibility and suppling exercises, at-liberty leading, lead-line, jumping, dressage, tricks, trailer loading, obstacle course, vaulting, taking Grandma for a ride around the round pen, etc.

Show off your kids with lead-line riding; show off your horses gaiting naturally! Show off your natural horsemanship. Do you have a new foal? Share him and his introduction to natural horsemanship.

If you've never been in a show before... not to worry! Don't think about attire, or your weight, or your hair. It's about the ability to have two-way communication with the horse, not dependant upon tack. Tossing out the noseband allows for the horse to tell you if the bit is bothering him or that he doesn't understand how to use it as a method of communication (or that your hands are not so good!).

Clicker training? Share it with us!

There will be no judging; everyone wins in this show! Everyone is invited, from novice horse owners, to kids, to non-riders, to professional and / or certified trainers and judges.

There is no limit to the number of videos that you can submit. The more the merrier!

We hope to have people from every country enter the show. There are no fees, no costs; just take a video and upload it to youtube. All of the Natural Icelandic Horse Virtual Show videos will be linked to one page for all of us to share and enjoy.

If you need help figuring out how to upload a video, let us know and we can help you.

Upload the video to http://youtube.com (you will need to create an account before uploading if you do not already have one) by June 14, 2008. In the area for "tags", include this: Natural Icelandic Horse Virtual Show

Send the link to the video to: iceryder @ gmail.com so that the video can be included with the rest of the virtual show videos.

If you have any questions, email us.

Please forward this link to everyone that you know of that has an Icelandic Horse.

The information is also on this page:

Please feel free to put the announcement video and this information on your website.


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