Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Back of the Icelandic Horse

The longitudinal back of the Icelandic Horse can be conformed in many different ways. It can be relatively straight, or slightly concave, to very concave; strong, tight, medium tense (essential tension), to very weak, or lax; and / or a combination thereof.

Some backs cannot carry much weight; some are stronger than others.

Some are flexible; some have too much laxity.

It will depend on many different things as to whether the horse's back can support a certain amount of rider weight, and how that weight will affect the back.

Some backs will sag quite a bit and take the horse's back into ventroflexion.

The type of saddle will also have an impact on the back. If you will notice the fourth image: check out the wrinkle of the skin of the horse behind the saddle bars.

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