Monday, January 4, 2010

Icelandic Horse Slow Motion

It is interesting to view the legs of the Icelandic Horse in slow motion. Conformation problems may cause the transverse legs to cross over each other (rope walking), and the style of riding with mechanical aids, or the pounding of the feet on the ground may cause the joints to hyperextend (such as seeing the bottom of the front feet from the front, as in the above picture, not a good thing).

Take a look at the picture and figure out which leg is which and what the flight pattern is of each leg. Do the legs looks like they are tracking up? travelling on one, two, or three tracks? or cross-tracking?


Synna said...

Why is everything bad for you unless the horse is a shabby little thing poddling along? These horses are top quality. And will probably live long and good lives!

IceRyder said...

Why is it bad to recognize conformation and / or movement problems? It is for the benefit of the horse, and in the long run for the breed in general.

When will attention be paid to the movement of the legs? The conformation or show judges don't seem recognize it or address the issues. They don't seem to see the movement of the legs from the front or the back, only from the side.

Just about everything that I've commented on for years, is eventually being recognized by the Icelandic Horse community, and things are starting to be done to help the horse because of my comments.

Please don't be negative to someone who is helping the breed in a way that has not been done before.

Accept that even thought it is not coming from the Icelanders or Germans, that at least someone is doing it.

Get on the bandwagon to help the breed yourself instead of making a negative comment here.

Study the information that has been given to you, and take it to make the breed (AND the owners) improved.

Don't be a nay-sayer without taking in the information.

What can you say about the comments? Do you see the problem of the legs in the video? Look at other videos and see the mechanics of the legs.

Top Quality... what does that mean? That it's OK to have conformation problems; that it's OK to need all kinds of mechanical aids to gait?

And remember... those shabby little things ARE Icelandic Horses.